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How It Work

How it works

What is Penny Auction?

Penny Auction is a fun way to get a brand item at a significantly lower price. Participants pay a non-refundable fee to purchase bids. Each of the bids increase the price by one penny. The last participants who have placed a bid wins the item by paying the final bid price.

1place your bid

Bid Now

To participate in an auction, you must be logged in. To take part in auctions, you need to have bids in your account. To bid in an auction, just click on the bid button. One bid is removed from your account and you become the top bidder. Each bid raises the auction price by one penny.

2the auction clock

When the auction clock gets close to zero, each bid will add several seconds back to the auction clock. This gives all bidders the chance to respond and bid again if they wish.

3winning an auction

An auction ends when people stop bidding on an item and the auction clock reaches zero. If you're the last bidder when the clock says SOLD, you win!

4shipping your items

You need to pay for your auction win, plus any shipping costs. Your item will arrive in about 15 business days. (Usually much sooner!)

5buy bid packs

To be able to participate in the auctions you need to buy bids. Bids are bought in bid packages with a pre-set number of bids that are added to your bid account upon purchase. The bids can then be used to bid in the auctions.